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How can YOU support TEACH? 


With yearly membership fees, we strive together with the Eiti Team on spot to meet the needs of two large budgets per year: 

Educational budgets will prioritise text books, exercise books, paper, pens and other educational resources in order to allow the children to acquire literacy.

Maintenance budget will prioritise the classroom furniture, desks, chairs, repairs of the blackboards, doors, floors etc. 



With events, personal or company donations, we meet the needs of specific projects such as building toilets, mounting solar panels on the roof, buying water tanks and gutters for the school building etc. 


For partner schools, you can click here to contact us and join our programme with a yearly donation. Your students will then be able to access the password-protected school portal with projects to choose from and to lead, either individually or as a class, thus adding to your life-skills curriculum. TEACH could be the charity you run a marathon for, sell cakes for or climb a Swiss mountain for.... 


For individuals, alumni or teachers wishing to sponsor a child as a class commitment. Please support selected children who have performed well in the National Exams,  despite the illiteracy in all their families. They need support to attend secondary school. We know and follow-up on each child personally and you will receive all their school reports. 

For any fundraising questions or ideas, please do not hesitate to contact us.

IMPORTANT: Monetary donations or donations of educational resources will be monitored by TEACH teachers involved in a specific project or by Board Members in contact with the partner schools. No money is sent without supervision.

History of support/visits and past fundraisers/projects

February 2023: Pyjama Day and other "Dress-up" days organised by the Student council of Tandem IMS 


December 2022: Tombola during Christmas performance organised by the teachers of Tandem IMS  


December 2022: Christmas cards (designed by all children of Tandem IMS).  


November 2022: Bake sale organised by Tandem IMS ZH, 5th and 6th grade classes


January 2020: Large donation made by some private donors, Zünfter in ZH, helping to cover most costs of the homeschooling programme in Kenya.


October 2019: Donations given at the AGM.

October 2019: TEACH supports Eiti Makurian for further acquisition of educational materials. Tandem IMS teacher Christina Olton, together with Board member Sonya Maechler-Dent, visits Eiti and delivers teacher training  (travelling at their own costs).

October 2019: TEACH supports Okonjima for the set-up of a pre-school group with Montessori materials as well as for the needed training material for Tandem IMS teacher Adam Murfitt to deliver teacher training (travelling at his own costs).

September 2019: Bake sale organised by Tandem IMS ZH children and parents. 

June 2019: Fundraising with student's concert organised by Tandem IMS UE Music Teacher Rahel Heid.


May 2019: Michelle Koch, Tandem IMS primary school teacher, 2 young students and a TEACH Board member, Sonya Maechler-Dent travelled all together to Eiti Makurian in Kenya and spent 10 days working at the school, training the teachers and setting up materials (all travelling at their own costs, except for food and water given to the village host families, supported by TEACH)

April 2019: Thanks to a large fundraising campagne, gofundme page and private house concert, and many generous Tandem IMS and private donors, specifically for the Eiti Makurian school in Kenya, TEACH collects enough funds to kick-off the Eiti Makurian project: educational materials, resources, school repairs and furniture.

March 2019: Fundraising at a local ZH Gymi by a Tandem IMS alumni student, Lucas.

January 2019: Personal fundraising project of Tandem IMS 5th Grader, Louisa, self-made T-Shirts on sale.


Christmas Performances 2018:  Christmas fundraising organised by all three Tandem IMS locations.

December 2018: Fundraising at local Christmas Market by Tandem IMS ZH staff, children and parents.

November 2018: Bake sale organised by Tandem IMS ZH children and parents.

October 2018: First visit to Kenya by TEACH Board member, Sonya Maechler-Dent (no TEACH financial contribution).

April 2018- July 2019: Kai Walker, an Early Years’ teacher from Tandem IMS, volunteers at the Okonjima school in Namibia. TEACH supported with medical insurance, travelling costs and money for the set-up of his classroom with age appropriate resources.

March 2018: Set up of TEACH as an non-profit association. Lots of first generous donations and first membership fees allow TEACH to start its support of the Okonjima School.

Christmas Performances 2017:  Christmas fundraising organised by all three Tandem IMS locations.

October 2017: First visit to Okonkima by TEACH Board member, Sonya Maechler-Dent (no TEACH financial contribution) 

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