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A year has flown by!

Although we cannot bring you news of visits to our partner school due to Covid, we have still been active and look back on a successful school year in Eiti, Kenya!

The homeschooling programme was a great success and we were able to maintain the level of literacy and numeracy that the children have achieved since the beginning of the programme. In autumn 2020, for the first time, 7 children from Eiti School took the national exams! They did very well, with one child even scoring 284 out of 500! And in maths they obtained a B with 66 points out of 100! Three years ago, these children had no books, no paper, no pencils at school.... We congratulate them on their perseverance, enthusiasm, motivation and dedication to learning!

With the relaxation of Covid restrictions, new budgets were also set up for the new school year and materials were bought for the school. Especially new desks and chairs for many classes, as more and more children are enrolling into the school and want to learn!

We are also very happy to welcome new members to the Kenyan project team. Among them is one of the school's Kindergarten teachers. They are incredibly hardworking in shopping, collecting receipts and creating budgets. It is a real pleasure to work with them! Here are a few photos of the arrival of some materials and of our project team on site.


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