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Horrific Drought in the Horn of Africa

During November and December 2022, we raised funds for the children of Eiti Makurian Primary School and their families. The terrible drought that is affecting the whole of the Horn of Africa has not only wiped out much of the livestock in the villages, but has also led to severe malnutrition among the young children of our partner school, a four-hour drive into Maasai Land, south east of Nairobi.

We here say a huge thank you to all who have helped so far! This has greatly helped to keep the children in school as many of them were too weak to walk the needed distances from home.

3,500 CHF was sent in November. Our Eiti team on spot focused on buying rice (easier to digest), beans (for protein), salt, cooking oil, hay for the remaining livestock and 20’000 litres of water to fill all the school tanks. A video after the first delivery can be found on our webpage.

3000 CHF was just sent a few days ago. This time the focus was on Maize flour so that the villagers could again cook their traditional food “ugali” with beans, hay for the livestock and sanitary pads for the girls. Due to the lack of water, girls are not able to wash the cloths used for their monthly periods. Infections were therefore increasing.

Photos of the second delivery can be found on our webpage.

We continue to fundraise to be prepared for a third emergency relief in January in case it does not rain and we will also use any additional funds to help the children at the school and the village recover from the drought.


We wish to find out if a borehole is possible at the school. This would prevent the children having to suffer such a horrific drought again and to ensure their education is continuous and is not jeopardised again. We will keep you informed of this after the visit of a hydrogeologist to the village.

With again our sincere thanks and wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year!

Your TEACH team


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