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Adam's visit to Okonjima, Namibia

First grade teacher, Adam Murfitt, went to Namibia in October 2019 for two weeks to deliver teacher training to the teachers of our partner school in Okonjima, Namibia; as well as to help out in the classrooms. He delivered training for teaching differentiated learning, Maths and multiple intelligences. He was much appreciated as per the feedback from a teacher there:

"Having Adam here was a highlight. A lot of new ideas and change in mindset. The 8 intelligences caught my attention the most. Adam also presented the story and questionnaire to my class (Grade 1 & 2). His presentation was excellent and professional. He brought books that are excellent to use. He followed up after his visit, which was really appreciated. Our classes had a video call and the interaction was superb. (...) It was great to have Adam here. Everything he brought with him and did was well thought through, planned and executed."


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