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Fun day at the riverbed

It’s high summer here in Namibia and February is a really hot month. There is also a lot of rain currently, which means that everything has turned green and the rivers are finally flowing.

Since the kids have been doing so well in the first 2 months of school, we decided to take the entire school on an excursion to a beautiful spot on the riverbed of Okonjima. We therefore took one of Okonjima’s trucks. We sang some beautiful songs all the way down to the river bed.

Once there, the children got the chance to play and splash around in a waterhole.

To top the day off we all gathered for some fruit and cake and sang some more songs.

Back in school, the kids got to play for a while before we sent them home.

It was beautiful to see how much the children and team enjoyed this time together and how the rain (in such a dry country) is so appreciated.


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