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November news

An amazing year comes to a close

Dear everybody

Where did the time go?! In less than 2 weeks our school will close for a long Christmas holiday but there is still so much to do before I fly back home to touch base and celebrate Christmas in Switzerland. But before I do, I would like to give you all one final update on this amazing year.

In the past few weeks we’ve mainly been working on the basics (matching, sorting and naming colours and shapes, recognizing numbers and letters, laying out patterns, teaching the kids how to write their first name etc.)

13 of my sweet 27 kiddies will now move up to the next higher grade and of course saying goodbye is never easy, but I’m so proud of how much they’ve grown and achieved since I came here in April.

Also I finally got my first visitor from home in November. My mum came over to experience my life here in Namibia and accompanied me at school for a whole week. After I told her that I want to make brushing teeth a daily routine in my classroom, she brought with some awesome gifts for the children. Each child got their own toothbrush and toothpaste for the classroom. This is super important as these children loooove sugary things like lollipops and cool drinks but most of them are completely unaware of the importance of a good dental hygiene. The children loved this gift and now always look forward to this special daily ritual.

My mother was very impressed by how appreciative and welcoming these children are. Therefore, to those of you who’ve been thinking about coming out here for a couple of weeks to experience teaching on an African farm, I strongly recommend it. You will only benefit from this experience and the kids love to welcome new people!! J

Furthermore I would like to inform you all, that we have found a great use for some of your donations. As the end of the year is approaching fast, we got to spend some of the money on precious goodbye presents for the children. Also on our last day of school we will perform a play for Okonjima about supporting the life of bullfrogs (they sometimes get caught and eaten by locals). Some of the money also went into the set up and organisation of this play. The team is sooo happy and thankful for your help. So in the name of the entire POCS team I would like to say “THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!”

Pictures of the play will follow with the next blog.

I am very excited to come home for a few weeks and to share some of my experiences with you all!! Thank you for all of your support!

“Bis glii!”


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