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Our teamwork with the Eiti Makurian Primary School

Again, photos tell stories.... Please find here a gallery with many wonderful pictures of the work that went on in the school during our ten days there.

We distributed a lot of materials and were able to set-up the classrooms and offer the pupils many new learning opportunities. For example - space and resources to lead differentiated learning activities. A new concept. Teachers were keen and motivated to learn A highlight moment was when our teacher Michelle taught the Eiti teachers to complete a puzzle... a first for all of them. Another lovely moment was introducing lego, toy cars and building blocks to the Kindergarten children.

The playground toys were of course what brought them the most joy! It was an emotional moment as we heard their screams of delight as we unpacked the footballs, the skipping ropes and especially the hula hoops!

Thank you again to all Tandem IMS children and to their parents who brought in so many useful resources and helped us financially to buy many more whilst in Nairobi and to all donors supporting the continuation of this project.

See photos to better understand the completed tasks and the changes which we introduced, in May 2019, listed here below:

1. Carpenters built 2 bookshelves in each classroom

2. Carpenters repaired doors, desks, a few blackboards etc.

3. Carpenters made toy boxes for classes pre-primary to Grade 3 - for lego, cars, puppets, building

blocks, toy animals, train tracks, dress-up clothes.

4. 1-2 carpets were placed in classrooms from Pre-primary 1 to Grade 3

5. Local painter added colour and Maasai story boards to all classroom walls

6. All doors and windows were repainted

7. All classrooms were cleaned

8. Learning posters were hung up

9. New desks were purchased

10. Learning resources were brought, either from Zurich or Nairobi, distributed and put on

bookshelves (books, puzzles and various learning games.)

11. Some Kenyan Curriculum textbooks were ordered and distributed in the classrooms.

12. Classroom resources were bought (paper, pens, rulers, sharpeners, pastels, chalk...)

13. Playground toys were bought (balls, skipping ropes, hula hoops) and usage explained – storage of these was organised in staff room.

14. New School Rules were agreed upon, posters were made for all classes (no shoes, put resources away etc).

15. Boxes were made and placed in most of the classrooms (more need to be made) to store away school bags and avoid messy classrooms.

16. Staff room was cleared, cleaned and reorganised.

17. Teacher chairs were bought for large group meetings.

18. String was bought and hung across classrooms to display children’s work (this system was

introduced on the last day and will need more training and explanations).


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