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Perivoli Okonjima Country School Teambuilding

Dear everybody,

This March, for the first time since I started working in Okonjima, we had an awesome teambuilding session at the horse stables!

The task for us teachers was to make groups of two and then lead a horse around an obstacle course. The goal was to use as much communication as needed, to keep the horse going.

It was not as easy as it looks, because you constantly had the other team members staring at you and also you had to take on a leading, but also a following role as a team member. Also horses can feel if you are nervous or unsure of the situation and will refuse to keep going if you don’t show confidence.

Also some of our members were very scared of the horse at first and for them, to overcome this fear, was a great achievement.

Even when it started raining, we did not give up and so we all gathered in the end and lead the horse through the storm together.

We all benefitted A LOT from this experience and it made our bond as a team a lot stronger. I can only recommend it!


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