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September news

With just a few more weeks until our Christmas holiday we’ve been extremely busy in our POCS Kindergarten. We have been working on several different topics:

As spring has come around in September we spoke about plants and their growth process. This has been a fascinating topic and our 2 highlights were a trip to Newlands, the plant gardens of Okonjima and planting our own radishes, beans and flowers. Unfortunately the warthogs have eaten our plants which meant we had to start all over again. The children however had great fun learning about other life forms and have taken amazing care of our plants by watering them every day.

We also have spoken about facial recognition and self-perception. The children therefore had to cut out facial features and stick them onto a pre-printed face + we did some body tracing where they got the chance to draw and colour their own body traces.

Currently we are working on our final goals towards the end of the year. We are reflecting on main topics like recognition of colours, shapes and numbers and on writing our own name.

We are equally working on an end-of-year play with the entire school where we’ll finally will be able to use some of your generous donations!!

I will keep you all updated in my next blog!

Best wishes from Namibia


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Deborah S.
Deborah S.
26 oct. 2018

Hahaha - love the warthog story!! I hope the children get to eat some fresh, self-grown veggies soon! :)

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